Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On Knitting

My friend Kisknit (my knitting soulmate) were talking last year and I was astonished to find out that she had never taken a knitting class. I find this amazing because I just assumed that once people found a level of obsession with their knitting that was the next step in the process, you use every available source to expand your knowledge, classes, podcasts, blogs, the internet and now Ravelry. I assumed everyone else went after knitting knowledge like it was the Holy Grail too.

So since she made a bold declaration to knit her stash down this year I antagonized her by inviting her to take a knitting class with me. Wait before you all start sending me hate mail, it is within the original rules. She did say that yarn could be bought if it was for a specific project. What is more specific than a knitting class?

So what will we be making, you ask? The Central Park Hoodie (CPH)

We merrily went to the yarn store on Sunday and each bought yarn. She got a bright beautiful green and I wimped out and went with my original choice after contemplating many colors. I will be knitting it in the same British Racing Green as D's current in progress sweater. I think it will look OK as it is a different style sweater than D's and it is very unlikely that we will wear them at the same time. I tried to look at other colors, I tried to tell myself that a lighter color would show the cables better, I really wanted that color! They did not have enough for my sweater but I think I will have 2 skeins left over from D's sweater. I took the plunge and bought what they had hoping that it would be the same dyelot. The amazing thing is that it was the same dyelot. See it was meant to be mine.

Oh, D's sweater is going along fine. I have most of it done now, I'm working on the collar, and just need to go back to the body bottom and knit some ribbing. I am not cutting yarn or weaving in ends till I have it all knit up and he tries it on. I want to be sure so I don't have to pick back any woven yarns to make changes.

So Kisknit and I are just counting down the time to class in February. Our homework is to knit a swatch, do you think I can just use D's sweater as an acceptable swatch?


  1. I've never taken a knitting class simply because I can find all the information online--videos, boards, and help sites. Plus I watched a lot of knitting shows for a while and learned tips and tricks that way.

  2. I have always loved the CPH, but I get so distracted by the pretty skeins of hand-dyed fingering weight wool that I end up buying those instead of substantial amounts of one colour that I could make sweaters life the CPH out of! I'm hoping I can knit through my stash as well and get myself back into sweater-knitting mode. Maybe next year...

    And SMART MOVE not weaving in the ends until you know that D's sweater fits. Really, really smart move!