Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Last year we were home in SD and all I could think about was the start of the new year. Well a huge snow storm, to keep you inside and new knitting books will do that to you. None of the posts that I wrote in my head made it here to the blog. Sigh

This year seemed to lack much of last year's contemplation. So does that mean I will have more action? I don't really do resolutions because they are so easy to break. I think I try to be more realistic and adjust things as the year goes on, rather than deciding the week before a date that I don't really want to be the same person in a month. Resolutions are just too difficult, gradual change is much more attainable.

I have set a goal for the next year, I want to learn the cyrillic alphabet with the long term goal of being able to read Russian. I know it is an odd one but I like to learn. I have trouble understanding spoken languages at times but then thought maybe I can learn to read and write another language. Silly me I choose one that includes learning another alphabet too. A girl can dream can't she? I would like to surprise D's coworker with a handwritten note in Russian. Turns out the good thing is that in the Russian language things are spelled as they sound so once I get the sounds figured out spelling should not be an issue for me. I am a phonetic speller so I may have found a language that I can use.

I went to my yarn store today to find a solution to the knitting problem I have been ignoring. This sweater is now 90% completed with not enough yarn to finish it. It has been weighing heavily on me but I have been ignoring it. I took it to the shop today and had help picking out two yarn colors that may allow me to finish it. The sweater is a blue-grey color, I want to do the collar and cuffs in a red or gold color. I am not sure how it will turn out but I am sick of avoiding the problem. I am a product knitter and the product is just not coming out yet. This baby may have to come out by cesarian!

I felt like I was dressed as a real knitter this last week for the first time. I had on my new Multnomah shawl and my Norwegian mittens and the cold did not affect me. I felt down right knitterly! Hey my computer does not know that knitterly is a real word in my world.

If you're keeping score D's British Racing Green sweater is moving right along. I have separated the arm stitches from the body stitches and am about halfway done on the body. The third skein has been joined in and I am happy. I have promised this will be ready this winter for him to wear.

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