Friday, December 31, 2010

Puck's Mischief on me

You remember these socks?

I started them on my way to Oregon last summer. I love Blue Moon Fiber's Socks That Rock yarns (medium weight.) I love how thick and warm they are in the winter time. All my socks made from this yarn go into hibernation during the summer but during the winter they do time and a half. I wanted to have another pair in the rotation so I knit these during the summer. The problem was I did not keep very good notes how I knit up my first few pairs. It was back when I first started making socks and did not know better. I knit them at a very tight gauge (even for me) but I love the tough fabric so much.

Quite clearly I did not reverse engineer as well as I should have. I wore them a few times but could feel my foot slipping in the sock and knew eventually I would get a blister so I decided to reknit the foot on smaller needles.


I still think they could be a bit tighter but I am digging them so much more now. Can you tell winter is back where I live, all my pictures are moving inside with poor lighting? I think it is interesting to see how the colors pool differently at different gauges. The went from being rather blotchy on the foot to smaller swirly stripes. The right one even differs from the left by having wider stripes or bands of color.

This would be my interpretation of an artistic shot. Did I mention that I love knitting and yarn?

I tried to have D pick out a set of mittens for me to make from one of the books he bought me, Mostly Mittens by Charlene Schurch, but he says he wants me concentrating on a sweater instead. Dude, you know I have many projects going at the same time right? I have three different socks on the needles now, one of them is for you! His reply "I think you should focus on my sweater, I really want another sweater." What is a knitter to do? I kept on knitting like I usually do and joined in the second ball of yarn on his sweater, today. It is nice to have my work appreciated.


  1. Haha, I NEVER remember any modifications I make on things. I always think I'll remember, but when it comes to actually writing them down: nope!

    So nice that your hubby appreciates your work! Good for him, and lucky you!

  2. I am very blessed to have the great Hubby that I do.