Sunday, October 6, 2013


I think I need another weekend starting tomorrow. In my ideal world, there would be one day of the weekend that I do not leave the house. This weekend was less than ideal but more than fun.

Gus and I are both having issues and we managed to fill the weekday schedule. We were at the vet's office twice and I threw in a two - three hour dentist visit in. I don't think either one of us was really happy with the week but we got through it and seem to be improving.

I know going to a fiber festival helped me. That is right stash season is being celebrated right now. Saturday was the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival at the Washington County fair grounds.

I wore these socks made from yarn I bought last year at Ensign Brook Farm. At smaller less hectic festivals I like to show off what I've made with people's yarn. I like to think of it as the yarn visiting the shepherdess.

I had a lovely time telling Karin that her yarn made great socks. She asked if I liked the spin of the yarn and I had to consider for a moment. I do but I had never really considered that question before. It was nice to meet someone who thinks about those things as part of their job. It never really hit before that I was talking to someone who has the power to change. Is that how we should define local? 

In the same booth I told the shepherdess at Icy Acres that her yarn made the best socks ever! They felted a bit but did not shrink and make an excellent pair of house socks/slippers.

I got two more skeins of sock yarn from each farm. I will be lovingly adding them and some others to the stash soon. That is of course if I can resist casting on and finish some other lovely socks first.

After five hours at the festival we went to a couple friend's house and had a nice dinner. We lost horribly at pool but that was mostly due to me. They're such a fun couple because they really work together. They're always laughing and making us laugh. It is such a blessing to have friends like that. Plus she has a quilting machine and makes beautiful quilts. I got to watch the machine in action and was mesmerized. If you want to see her beautiful quilts just check out her blog. If ever I were to take up quilting I would have her and my mom to thank for it. But not just yet.

Today we made five trays of my Taco Bake for snacking while watching football at the American Legion. I over estimated how much we needed to make so now I will see how it freezes and reheats. It seemed quite the hit with the crowd, but then again they are a highly appreciative crowd when it comes to food. I had a couple of recipe requests. Whew, making that much food makes me tired.

Ooo I think D is making tea now so I am going to kick back and enjoy the rest of my weekend.


  1. I had fun hanging with you. You always make me laugh. Also I too have never considered the shepherdess' question or the fact that it could cause a beneficial change. Now I love these yarn festivals even more!

    Glad you and Gus are on them mend. Enjoy your tea.

    Debbie B

    1. It was a very good day. Thanks for spending some time with me.

  2. Ooo, busy weekend. I'm glad the dentist visit and Gus' vet visit didn't put too much of a damper on the rest of your weekend. I love anything to do with tacos... I don't eat them very often, so the thought of your leftover taco bake has me salivating!

    1. Taco bake is the best. But I may reconsider after we finish that third pan, not this week though.

  3. I know exactly what you mean! We had a great time Saturday night, but I, too, like my quiet weekends where we don't really HAVE to do anything. Hopefully both you and Gus will continue on the mend. :-)

    PS - I think I have to up my persuasion at starting quilting. Hahaha! Kitties definitely like piles of fabric laying around that they need to test out, so you'll have that part down really quickly! :-)

    1. It was such a great weekend made even better by the variety of it.
      And don't you go encouraging me you evil quilter you!

  4. Hey, did you find you phone?