Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fast Approaching

So Rhinebeck is fast approaching and I am getting so excited about my class that I had a dream about my teacher Ann Budd. I don't remember much, other than sitting with Ann and discussing something knitting related. It may have been about a button band which is weird since I have never knit a button band. I do remember thinking to myself I'm knitting with Ann Budd!

Then sometime later that day I remembered that my class has homework?! Homework, I haven't done homework ASL class last year. OK so it has not been that long but what would have happened if I came to class unprepared?

For class I have to knit eight swatches in stockinette and one in 1x1 ribbing. I get to choose my yarn and appropriate needle. Since I am a sock knitter and knit most of my things in a fingering weight do you think I should knit my swatches using fingering weight yarn? It does call for tightly spun wool yarn, sounds like sock yarn to me.

On the plus side I would be practicing using the yarn and needles I use the most. Much of the sock yarn I use is variegated and I can plan to have a color change occur on the bind off row, that should make it easier to see. On the minus side it would be sock yarn, sometimes it is easier to learn at a larger gauge.

What to do, what to do?

In other questions; do you think I can have her sign one of my books? I would not ask during class time but would that be inappropriate for some reason? If I do ask which book should I get signed, Sock Knitting Master Class or Top Down Sweaters?

Yes, I am really starting to get excited. Today I referred to the upcoming weeks as Stash Season. D looked at me funny and said You know there is no such thing as Stash Season. I replied that I did not know such thing since traditionally fall has been stash season since 2007.

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