Saturday, October 19, 2013

So Rhinebeck...Not the Stash Post

Oh Rhinebeck (NY Sheep and Wool) I do so love thee!

Yep that is right I am hopped up on yarn fumes. I think some wore off on the cats and they may even feeling the effects too, or they might just be sleeping, who can tell?

I have some new lovelies to show you. But first I have to do my front lawn photo shoot, that  makes my neighbors think I am crazy.  I also know several new cast ons and bind offs. Ann Budd really is that nice in person too. (Can you tell I took my first Rhinebeck class?)

I finished a book during my drive time and started a new one. Poor Major Pettigrew is having a tough week. Did I tell you recently how much more reading I get done when I listen to books in the car? Even with the long ones I think I've doubled my reading.

The weather cooperated, sort of, the morning was just chilly enough for me to finally wear my Rhinebeck sweater at Rhinebeck. But once I made the lunchtime run to the car to empty my bag I stripped down to a t shirt. One lady walked by me and said she had just done the same thing at her car. Even the wool fumes are warm there.

My poor feet and I are going to bed so we can dream about all the wool we did not buy.


  1. Such restraint! I can't wait to hear about the whole adventure!

    1. Restraint? Ahahaha... Oh you meant with the post. The yarn not so much.

  2. I feel your pain with the feet. Mine are currently elevated on pillows. We were disappointed we missed Fiber Optics due to the long line and crowd of people at Miss Bab's �� but I got the Cascade magnum yarn I'd been looking for to make a sweater. I got plenty of yarn yummies and got to the pattern rows of my newly cast on socks while waiting in line...we got there at 8:15! Great day. How's the little G-man?

    1. I was there at 8:30. It is always so nice before it fills up.
      G man is doing OK. I'm giving sub Q fluids and that seems to be helping, just not as much as I hoped. We're ok, it is not decision making time.