Saturday, October 12, 2013

Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival 2013

Last Saturday I took myself off to a lovely fiber festival. As I've said before I like it because it is quite a bit more laid back and relaxed than Rhinebeck. There are less people to rub against but there are also less sheep to rub against too. 

Hey lady you have a cookie?

I like cheek rubs more,  I can never quite reach that spot. Yep right there!

I had a very nice corn chowder bread bowl from the 4H booth but I ate it before it could get cold, so no pictures. Since my ice cream was already cold I took a picture of that instead. It is great ice cream that I only discovered last year. This year I did not care if it was chilly I needed a creamy sugar high.

And with that we move on to the non edible goodies. Well Jack would try to eat them but he is just a tad string crazy. I think he may be trying to floss his stomach.

I got two skeins of my now favorite sock yarn. Icy Acres Icelandic sock yarn. I am hoping they might have some brown yarn next year. They have lovely brown Lopi yarn but not in the sock yarn. I'll just have to make some more favorite socks to tide myself over.

In the same booth but different farm was my second favorite sock yarn from last year. Ensign Brook Farm's Cheviot sock yarn. Two bright colors, I really loved the one on the left but the one on the right convinced me it would be fun to knit with also.  Never mind the fact that I have a natural skein left over from last year too. So many yarns so little time.

This one I picked up for D. You know there is such a sock number discrepancy between us that I am trying to make up for. Alas if you don't come shopping with me, I don't know what colors you will like and I tend to pick the colors that I like, and then make socks for me. Unless I find a nice blue/black/forest green colorway. That color combination just screams manly to me. It may have something to do with the Black Watch Tartan being those colors and there is nothing more manly than a man in a kilt.

Back to topic, Foster Sheep Farm's sock yarn, dyed by Carole. You catching the local theme here?

Once early on D called me while I was shopping for yarn. I asked him what color yarn he wanted for his socks. He replied Chestnutty, so now when I see it I usually buy chestnut colored yarn, hence my skein from Ball and Skein.

When I was showing off my yarn to him he really liked that color. I am starting to believe that he just may be a squirrel at heart.

My first purchase of the festival was a bag by Jessalu. This one may break the sheep theme but I still have some lobsters on the inside. I like her bucket style too because I can wrap the handle around the bar at the American Legion and knit without taking up space on the bar. This knitter has her priorities.

This year's haul, 2 for him, 4 for me and a bag. I did forget to go back for some nice stitch markers at a booth. Maybe next year?

I even got my lost phone back so it is easy to say it was a good festival this year.


  1. That knitting bag is clever! Leave it to yarn people to help us knit AND spend time at the bar. My eyes are drawn immediately to the Foster Sheep Farm blue, but I'm very curious to see how the chestnutty yarn turns out!

    1. I'm not sure that was the bag's intention but it certainly works well for me.
      I really liked the Foster Sheep Farm colors too, so deep and rich.
      I'm betting both turn out looking marvelous.