Sunday, October 27, 2013

Daytime training from August

I've been meaning to get the train ride out here since we've been back. It just never seemed quite done. It must be all the time I've spent at the dentist and with Gus at the vet's office. So without further ado our first day of training.

The first leg of our train journey was mostly during the day. As I mentioned before we boarded the train a bit after 5 am and promptly fell back asleep. Well except for the bit where the guy across the way from us pulled off his head phones and all I could hear was Mexicali horns. Grrr 

We woke to the lovely green farm land of Iowa. I do so love to pass through farm land. 

One car back from us was a windowed dining car. D had a bit of fun making shadows. Many of the passengers here stayed here during the day. It was reasonably comfortable and the windows were great to look out. We played a game of cribbage here, which I think D won. But the call of my knitting and book was not to be denied, as was an afternoon nap.

We had bagels for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch here. Good basic food nothing special. The high class food happened the next day. But my bagel came with a tiny plastic spoon that I hid away in my purse. I think this makes me an official collector of tiny plastic eating utensils. I have a silver fork from a fancy party and a wee white spoon from Amtrak. It is the little things that amuse me so.

Maybe if I find a tiny knife I will show my eclectic family to you. What did you not know I was this weird?

One of the stops in Iowa was Ottumwa, which made me giggle. It is a real place! Any takers on why it is famous?

It is Radar O'Reilly's hometown in MASH.

I really loved this portion of the train ride. I found it to be relaxing and exciting at the same time. I enjoyed it so much that it seemed to be a much shorter trip than it actually was. You know how that six hour car ride that you find just the right audio book turns into a pleasant journey. It was like that.


  1. Wonder how many kids know who Radar O'Reilly was... Such a great show.

    1. I assume they will learn who he was from discovering the show somehow. It is just too great.