Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I am a day away from taking my first workshop at Rhinebeck. I am working off two or three lists now, because I am a list person and one is just not good enough. Considering that they have repeat items between them, I don't know why I like having so many. I think it is due to my habit of writing things down when they occur to me. Things occur to me repeatedly so I have several working lists. 

Yeah that explanation does not seem right to me either. Let's go with I do it because it is who I am. 

Anyways I have a swatch and a half to go. So I should be set there. Of course I may do a few sock weight swatches just in case I want to have samples after class, or because I am really excited.

I have printed my tickets for getting into the fair on Saturday. Admission was included with my workshop fee so I don't want to forget those. 

I stopped by the bank to pick up a $20 in case I find something nice to buy on Saturday. You know if the whim hits me. 

I am also washing last year's Rhinebeck sweater just in case this year is cold enough to wear it.

Last year I tortured it by leaving it in the trunk, because it was so darn hot. How can I show off my wool knitting if it is 75 degrees outside? I want swoon from wool fumes, not pass out from heat exhaustion.

And on top of all that I am still exercising every day like I promised myself. Tuesday was my three week mark and I am going a bit farther each day.

My boy G has been having a difficult time lately too. He is not eating again. We've been to see the vet several times and we're working the problem. My boy is just as tough as his Momma so we will do what we can to get him back on track.

I do have a funny story for you about Jack but that will be another day, as I have to go hit the elliptical machine now.

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  1. Sunny and 63 degrees tomorrow, possible warmer south of here! What is with the weather Rhinebeck weekend lately?