Saturday, October 26, 2013

Technique Tool Kit

I've been going to Rhinebeck for seven years now and have never taken a class there. This year Ann Budd decided to come and teach so I went and learned. I took her class on Friday; Cast On, Bind Off. You saw my wee swatches for the class a couple of weeks ago. 

As a bonus I got to see some of the vendors in their prep time. It is hard to believe but this area was packed the next day. I mean packed.

The number floating around for Saturday's attendance is 47,000. 

A bit easier to believe when you see all those people. 

Anyways, my class was very informative. Ann was charming, entertaining and knowledgeable. She told stories of how she learned to knit in Switzerland.

We each received two binders that we filled with the printed instructions and our swatches. We started off the day with the red binder and learning how to cast on. A few I knew and a few I did not. Even the ones that I knew I learned a couple of helpful tidbits. Ann initially split us into three groups. Each group would go and stand behind her while she demonstrated. We then went back to our spots and worked up a swatch leaving the last stitches live but on a red life line. That way we would not be confusing the cast on and bound off edges. Her comment on this was ask me how I know that. 

The blue bind off binder was filled in the afternoon, with you guessed it, bind off swatches. I learned how easy and lovely an i-cord bind off can look. Now I just want to knit a vest just so I can do an i-cord bind off around the arm holes like all the cool kids can.

I just love that I have so many more tools in my technique tool kit. Thanks Hubby for encouraging me to go and Thanks Ann for teaching.


  1. Would you be willing to bring that to knitting Saturday?

  2. Replies
    1. It was great. Now I am looking forward to taking something else next year.