Monday, November 4, 2013

You may be right...I may be crazy

D accused me of having a sickness. He may be right. Let me tell you a story and see who you agree with.

Things have been busy at our house for a while now. I have new front teeth, which meant multiple trips to the dentist. And G has been not feeling well for a while too. Which meant multiple trips to the vet. Now we're giving him fluids at home and things are starting to fall into place.

Speaking of fall it is where our story begins. Our leaves are coming down which means we need to clean them up. Too thick of a layer of leaves can kill your grass over the winter. Yes, we did not get them up properly one year and learned that tidbit the hard way. 

What works best for us now is to mow them into smaller pieces and then bag up a big pile. D does the mowing since I burned myself so badly on the mower that one year. I went out to help bag the leaves and stepped off the porch and I turned my ankle. 

D helped me back to the steps so I could sit down and I decided that would be a good time to take a picture of my Witchy Woman Socks. What? Don't you take pictures of your knitwear when you're in pain too? That's when he told me I have a sickness.

After a few moments I tested out my ankle since it was not hurting like I thought it would. It is just a wee bit tender in a small area so I would say that I fared very well. I braced it up and we cleaned up the leaf piles. I even did my normal elliptical work out too. So the streak of workouts remains intact.

I don't know if that makes them my lucky socks or not?


  1. Nah, that's not a sickness. You had a "shiny" moment that's all. And the moment helped. I have them a lot. I look at my newly knit socks and ....shi - ny! ��

  2. Firstly: I love that Billy Joel song. I always walk around singing it for the whole day when I hear it on the radio. Guess what I'm humming now?

    Secondly: Those are the prettiest socks ever worn on a potentially sprained ankle. Beauty! I'm glad you weren't hurt too badly. I hate ankles... such a mess of bones that always seem to get twigged and tweaked.

    1. Yeah I've had it in my head for days now. It does tend to make me smile though.

      I'm pretty much over the slight sprain. It must be all those workouts I've been doing. Getting stronger every day, including my ankle.