Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mockery sock

Wow look at my burned out lawn again! It sure does show off my green socks nicely though. 

These socks make me thankful for Ravelry yet again. I usually knit my socks with more stitches than anyone I've ever met. This means I am constantly adjusting patterns, which while not hard sometimes requires note taking. I now do most of my note taking on Ravelry. I tried to do the heel on these while I was away from the computer and quickly realized that I had done something unique with the first sock that I no longer remembered. Da da da

Luckily I had a different sock in the purse to work on, just one of the benefits of buying a bigger purse, more knitting. 

Lucky for me too this time I actually entered the adjustment notes that I had meant to take. I can now tell you that my instep stitches should equal 38 and I had to decrease two stitches to reach my perfect heel number. 

Well now I'm not so sure about my note taking I did not need to decrease for the heel. Ah such is life, I think the sock will survive.

1 comment:

  1. I love that green! And I think the heel looks great, but you know me and how I feel about your heels...