Friday, July 20, 2012

Crocus sock

My knitting has picked up a bit even in this hot weather. As usual I am knitting on a few pairs of socks. I'll show you one of them. This yarn was the last installment of my Sweet Georgia club. 

I am quickly falling in love with Sweet Georgia's yarn. I love the way it pools without making a mockery of the colors. It just seems to flow and blend.

I think the heat is finally beating us all down. Seems like most of the country is being toasted. Our poor front lawn is brown as you can see. Well the patches not shaded by the trees are all brown. On the up side Hubby is happy he does not need to mow every three days.

Being a farmer's daughter though I know how devastating this weather can be. If grass does not grow without water crops can not grow without water. And we all know that animals need to eat all the time. If there is no grass to eat they must eat hay which makes the winter supply go down too.

Seems like tough times are ahead for may people. Pray for some rain!


  1. "I love the way it pools without making a mockery of the colors." What an excellent way to put it. I bought some Sweet Georgia yarn while I was in Vancouver last week. I'm pondering what to make with it...

    We got hit hard by some marbled-sized hail last night. I have yet to go out to inspect the damage to my garden. :(

  2. Oh now I want to see pictures of your Sweet Georgia yarn too. I would like to get more but right now the extra out of country charges are not worth it, plus I have lovely yarn in my stash waiting to be knit. But if I happen to stumble upon it in a US store I'm sure the stash would welcome it.

    I hope your garden was not hit too hard. I'd still love to see pictures of it.