Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Well since it is too hot to go outside and take pictures I will show you one that I forgot to post. This is Fiber Optic Kashmir in the Blackbird colorway. I finished these in May but you know how hard it is to get a picture. When I finish them I can not wait to wear them, then they're dirty so no picture, then they get worn on a Monday and I'm too tired to go out an take a picture, then the cycle starts over. Such is the life of my socks.

Finally they're done and photographed. I like the little variances in color, tinges of turquoise, green, black and blue. I can tell you that the color is more subtle in real life but hey life is more subtle in real life.

I have a toe waiting to be knit on one of my first of the pair socks that is on the needles so enjoy your hobby time, I know I will.

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