Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Being missed

My G man is back and I don't know who is happier. Gus boarded with the vet while we were away visiting family. Now usually when we return from a trip he goes trough a couple of phases. Phase 1 is happy fun time, he loves us and missed us. Phase 2 is punishment, how dare we leave him! Phase 3 is a gradual change between Phase 2 anger and normalcy.

This time Phase 1 is lasting much longer. He is rubbing on legs and purring up a storm. Last night however it was too much. He kept waking us up by yowling and bringing us yarn. What can I say I really, really missed you guys!

Oddly enough Jack was the chatterbox the night before since he was home alone with us and kept asking us if we forgot someone and where is Gus? Poor lonely Jack. Jack was delighted to get treats from Auntie B while we were away, but still where was Gus? It was the first time Jack was separated for more than a couple of hours.

Gus looks great for having spent a considerable amount of time away from home for the first time. I have no doubt that the Vet's office did all they could for him but really don't we all just want to be home in our own beds? No wait, he had his own bed I took it in with him, and his favorite ball of yarn, toy mouse named yellow, and the fuzzy blanket that Grandma made for me but Gus claims. So really it was more of a spa treatment for him.

Spa treatment? Are you kidding me woman? Spa treatment my fuzzy grey butt! 

Phase 2 begins shortly! Nope I still missed them too much maybe tomorrow I will launch Phase 2.

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