Saturday, July 14, 2012

Moving on

My washing machine no longer loves me, if it ever did. Two out of the last three loads refused to drain out the dirty water with the load still in there. So I have given up on sweet talk and decided out with the old. Well first I emailed a friend of ours and said Is it worth fixing? With ten years of slinging out our dirty water under its belt, the answer came back, no not really. Which is a load off my mind since I hate waste, but I hate spending a couple of hundred dollars on something that only has another year in it at most.

I can now tell you that washing machines have made advances in the last ten years. The most obvious one being price. I don't remember what we paid for one ten years ago but I am pretty sure I bought a washer and a dryer for a smaller amount then.

I did a poll of my friends and the overwhelming choice was a top loading machine. I was leaning that way but had no good reason why. Let me tell you the horror stories of front loaders would not end, with the exception of two people. So top loader it is.

The center agitator is gone, they took the front loader design and flipped it on its back, which means less water sitting in the tank. This also means I never have to decide what size load I have, the machine just chooses the right amount of water for the load. And the best thing is the maximum load size is larger. I can wash a California King size comforter in it, now if I only had a California King size bed.

I did ask if I can wash wool sweaters in it, but can you believe he did not know? Clearly no other wool loving knitters have been to this store. Don't worry I have an old wool sweater (store bought) the kids have stolen for their bed that can be a sacrificial lamb, so to speak.

Delivery is not for a couple of days and I am sweating it out here. Actually I'm trying my darnest not to dirty any of my clothes. We don't want to run her wheels off on the first day. Although with a new magnetic induction motor, I may run out of go before she does.

I was so excited I ran to the store to get high efficiency soap and fabric softener. I don't need to make a soap mistake and take her out of commission before we even start our relationship.

Now am I the sort of person that needs to name her washers? I've never done it in the past but for some reason I want to call her Maggie. Yeah, I am weird like that.


  1. I have also heard not very good things about front loaders as well. I'm actually very excited about your new washing machine. Is that weird? I just love knowing that something new is going to arrive and make things better. Fingers crossed, all goes well. There's nothing worse than trying to handwash anything larger than a pair of socks...

  2. I attempted to just rinse out what had been in the washer and wow do I have more respect for the people that had to hand wash everything. Wet clothes are heavy and awkward. I am totally prepared to love the new machine.