Thursday, February 16, 2012


Did you ever notice how much more knitting you get done when you don't waste time on other things? You know like blogging or housework.

My Wild Apple Hill Farm sweater is moving along. I like the cables I chose to go down the arms. It is now in the really awkward stage that every top down raglan sweater goes through. It looks like a wooly version of an eighty's cropped quarterback shirt. Not a good look for a sweater I can assure you. Now I am debating continuing down the body section then knitting the sleeves or knitting one of the sleeves then the body then another sleeve. You see I suffer from a different kind of SSS. SSS is commonly known in the knitting world as Second Sock Syndrome, many people get bored making an item for the second time in a row. You know me I can make sock after sock after sock........ Occasionally I get to change up the colors but essentially I knit the same sock over and over.

Sleeves on the other hand I hate. I know, why hate a sleeve? I don't get it, but it was a revelation to me when I figured it out. I hate the second sleeve! I don't much like the first sleeve either but the second one just torques my cookies. Maybe I should just start adding heel flaps in where my elbows are and that would solve everything.

I bought myself a new toy that will either increase my knitting time or cut into it severely, a Kindle. I have been hemming and hawing for a while. The decision was made once I realized I did not have to try to hold a paperback open while attempting to knit at lunch time. I tried it out today, the Kindle lies flat and all I have to do is tap to turn a page. I'm still going to be hitting the library used book sale for my romance novels, but it is nice to have an option. I'm sure packing books for trips will be easier too.

I received my February sock club yarn from Sweetgeorgia too. I'm thinking of making a small shawl or scarf with it since it is 50% silk. Pictures will follow when I can get them.

I did a little research on what I knit last year and found I made myself 16 pairs of socks. That is better than a pair a month which surprised me. I also made three pairs for D. All I can say is at least he got a few pairs. In my defense he has bigger feet than me, not a 16 vs 3 size difference but still, I tried.

I can hear my sweater calling me so I'll be knitting on that this evening. Happy Knitting!

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