Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Mom is crafty too

Since I come from a crafty line of women I should show off Mom's skills too. A few years ago I noticed the stores stopped selling pretty and interesting pillow cases. They had just plain blah ones. You may be shocked, but I like funky and fun pillow cases. When I told Mom this she remedied the situation.

Yep knitting pillow cases with a stitched in heart for reinforcement. Darn you can not see it but trust me it is there.

Now these are pre-made pillowcases but with embroidery fun.  Our bedroom is lilac colored but since I am extremely eclectic everything matches by not matching anything but my personality.

I will show you more in the future. We have his and hers pillow cases too but not the way you think. Mine have kitties and D's have Navy things on them. 

Mom found it surprising that embroidery helps her arthritic hands feel better. I am a bit surprised too but exercise and use usually makes things better, except Gus the thinks naps make him better.

Well I think I need to get some things done. D made reservations for us tonight at a nice restaurant, he's not telling me where. So I should really be out buying something to wear, since I am a rather relaxed clothing person. I've even recycled my Christmas party dress a couple of times now. Hey why spend $60 to  $100 every year when I can spend that money on yarn for accent shawls?

Fashion sense, I don't have any. I was thrilled to get out of jury duty so I did not need to buy new "court appropriate" clothing. What does that even mean?

And yes I choose my Church by the ability to wear jeans to service. I don't think I am a bad person just one who hates to buy clothes. 

Wish me luck!

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