Saturday, February 18, 2012

Talking about socks

I finished some socks from this years Rhinebeck loot yarn. That is two out of eight done with two more on the needles. Not bad at all. I do so love my yarn!

While I think they're good socks, I did not love the yarn and don't know how well it will hold up. Watch a few years from now I will be bragging about how great these held up and asking why didn't I buy more of this yarn.

The yarn is Autumn House Farm sock yarn in Foxglove Velvet colorway. I do like how they have blips and flashes of color without true stripes. I especially like how this is not a normal color for me. I don't have any other yarn that looks like this. Which is what I was trying to do this year and probably next year too. There are so many yarns out there why not try something new? We all know my first pick will still be green and that is OK too.

Well maybe my first pick is still grey that is what I am telling this guy anyways.

This ball of yarn has been claimed by Big G. I have woken up a couple of times to him chasing it all over the bed. While I am a bit bummed to be woken up, I am also very happy to have him feeling good enough to play. I can not believe the camera was fast enough to capture the little pink tongue. Another reason to just keep taking pictures while the action is happening, you never know what will show up. And speaking of what shows up on camera.

Is it just me or did a sock bomb go off in my bedroom. Guess laundry day needs to get here faster. I can still remember having my first two pairs of hand knit socks. Trying to walk a delicate balance between keeping them washed and wearing them right away. I was so worried about wearing them out by wearing them so much. Now I ask myself if it is a fancy sock day or a plain sock day. I do tend to wear my fancier socks to knitting group, unless I just finished a pair that I was working on last meeting, then I have to show off my newest socks.

Last week they laughed at me when I pulled out my third project to knit on. Good thing I am monogamous in other areas of my life, my knitting certainly does not see that side of me. I have learned to only do simple knitting at knit group, if I try to do anything that requires real attention I just end up redoing it later that night. My sweater had been knit to where I needed to separate the sleeves and start the body, not something I can do while stories are being told. I thought the cuff on the sock was almost long enough but I did not want to read what I needed to be done next so I put that one away and pulled out my simple sock. See I do have a rhyme to my reason. You just thought I wanted to play with lots of yarn, well that is part of it too.

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  1. I shared thus link with another sock knitter who was filled with woe over her socks wearing out. Since I'm not a sock knitter, I have no idea how useful or practical it is, but maybe it's worth a try?