Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dang it

I fought the good fight but I succumbed. I am a spinner now. Only an hour old but I gave in and bought a Golding spindle and fiber. Now I have $70 worth of yarn making supplies and a big smile on my face. I must give thanks to the Hubster for encouraging me to check it out.

I always said spinning was not for me. It would cut into my knitting time and who wants that? I really like knitting why would I do something that took away from it? The answer is to make yarn to knit. Such a simple answer.

I also said I couldn't see myself knitting a sweater. It is just too hard and what happens if it does not fit right. Turns out it is just as easy or hard as you want to make it. Simple patterns exist to teach how things go together, and difficult patterns exist to make you grow. It is all good.

Now I've made three sweaters for D and three for myself, with two more in the works for me. I started off making simple raglan sweaters and added cables to make them more complex in different ways. Now I get the urge to knit at least one sweater a winter. Two would be better so we have harmony in the house. Sweater jealousy is an ugly thing, you know.

Well I am off to read about spinning then dream about spinning. It would be wrong to call in sick tomorrow so I can stay home and spin, right? Yeah I know it is wrong and I will not do it, but I can spin on my lunch time right and order pizza for dinner so I don't have to cook? Those things are Ok with the Hubster's consent on dinner, right?


  1. Yeehaw! Another convert! I don't spin as much as I would like to, but I'm starting to work it in here and there... when I'm waiting for the kettle to boil, when I'm cooking dinner, in between projects, in the car... it's truly a magical thing!

  2. Starting off with a Golding spindle - woohoo!!! Now that's stylin' :-D. You can't go wrong. You'll be knitting handspun sweaters in no time!