Sunday, February 26, 2012

Getting a Golding

I take a long time to make decisions. Once I do I am like a puppy that needs to go outside. I want it now. Now? Now? Nowwww?

Here is my new lovely. Do you spy the extra little bit in there too? A wee taste of fiber. I did not plan ahead once I made my purchase. I did not buy any fiber to take my spindle for a spin. Gasp!

I carefully unwrapped my new toy, all the while I was planning my run to my yarn store. I was smart enough to email them earlier in the day to ask if they sold un-dyed fiber. My book (Respect the Spindle) advises beginners to start with un-dyed fiber. Thankfully they do have the fiber.

My Kingswood beauty. Don't you think she is pretty too? 

I decided that my first bit of spinning would be playing only. I'm not really trying to get a usable yarn just trying to get the hang of not dropping my drop spindle while holding fiber too. It is not as hard and much harder than I thought, for different reasons of course. 

Not a bad effort for the home team.

Why yes I have acquired fiber stash in a short time period. The two balls are my cheaper learning materials while the white braid is Rambouillet softness that I could not resist. And oh what the heck I need a colorful braid too. When did I start liking yellow? I guess when it is paired with red and green. I have no idea how it is going to work out but I'm enjoying the possibilities.

Happy spinning!

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  1. Beautiful spindle and I'd say that's some usable yarn, right off the bat. Or should I say batt? (hee hee)