Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stepping out

Dear Hubby informed me on Thursday that we would be going out on Saturday for Valentine's Day. I was a bit surprised since we've been married for over ten years now and let's just say V Day is not big on our radar. It may not even be a scratch on the screen of our radar.

He would not tell me where we were going just that he had made reservations and it was not any place we had been before. I decided to let anticipation rule the day rather than my normal control freakishness. The only additional question I asked was if we would be dressing up, since my wardrobe is sadly lacking it was a pertinent question.

He informed me that he would be wearing dress pants and a dress shirt, which meant that I needed to go shopping. I had acknowledged to myself in the past that maybe it was time to go through my closet and see what was what. I don't buy clothes that often and when I do my first priority is warmth and second is comfort. I don't think I am a slob but I may dress like one. Well, maybe not a slob but a casual, functional person. The last think I want to worry about in my clothes is if I move, will I be blinding someone by exposing some of my neon white lilly white skin to them.

So off I went on Saturday to find an outfit for an unknown destination. I found a shirt and pants that fit my needs and thought about shoes too but I opted to buy cat food instead. No, I did not wear the cat food as footwear. I just decided to make do with what I had at home after a quick call to D, that confirmed extended walking or standing was not required of the evening.

I really made the effort to not be the annoying portions of me that evening. I set aside my control issues and running late habit. I am proud to say that I was ready before we needed to leave not ten minutes after we needed to go.

As we were walking into the restaurant I pointed out that I had even pulled out my fancy little black purse that holds very little. I even left my knitting in the car. To which D replied Wow the pressure to entertain is really on!

We had a lovely dressed up dinner out with a nice glass of wine and great food. It was nice to do something special for a change.

Don't worry we're still our humble selves, I suggested that we go to the local grocery store and pick up one of their desserts to enjoy at home. A leopard can not change all its spots in one night, neither can we.

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  1. Aw, very nice! I guess we must have gone out for Valentine's Day as well, since we went out for dinner in Saturday night as well. Nice job with the last-minute shopping!