Monday, February 20, 2012

What I'm reading

I've been reading a couple of books that Hubby Gus and Jack got me for Christmas. Hubby Gus and Jack decided it was time for me to try a couple of new books. They decided to pick mysteries since I have enjoyed reading Agatha Christie. They allowed Hubby to wrap them and inscribe them by putting pictures inside the book that each picked. You know how difficult it is to tell whose paw that stamp came from? Trust me pictures are easier.

Jack got me Bitter Harvest by Sheila Connelly, which is set in a New England orchard. I enjoyed reading about her being snowed in. I swear I need to find a cabin for a week in the winter time. Poor D would get the worst case of cabin fever ever, I'd be sipping tea and knitting. Anyways the book is dragging a bit for me. There is a lot of introspection and minutia that I'm not enjoying. I believe the author is trying to build drama bit it's not happening for me. It seems right now to be going no where. But I'll let you know if that changes because we all know I'm going to finish the book. It is what I do. Plus I am enjoying reading about the snow since we do not have any. Who knows it may end up being a nice light read.

Gus went to a Regency mystery set in England instead, The Cocoa Conspiracy by Andrea Penrose. What can I say he must be reading my romance novels too as this setting I am commonly drawn to. Stories of Lords and Ladies get my attention. I think I may even ask him for the first book in the series too. The story is a well written political intrigue. In contrast to the other book the characters are more complex and live less in their heads. I am enjoying a wife and husband team.

What I did notice and appreciate about the boy's choices were strong female characters. I don't like a lady that faints for every reason. I like to see independent thinkers with can do attitudes, just like my kitties. No one ever reached the top of the fridge by fainting.

I finished Fool by Christopher Moore on audio in the car last week. It was an irreverent telling of King Lear. Moore's books make me laugh but they are not for the easily offended. This tale came with a warning in the beginning, I kid you not. I thought about getting another of his books for my new kindle but the audio performance is really the way to experience it. The reader at such flair and atmosphere that I fall in love.

Since I've been with out a "car book" I realized I need to find another audio book soon, the same songs that are played on the radio are driving me crazy. Who decided that the top 20 songs are the only ones that should be on the radio?

I'm also reading Peril at End House by Agatha Christie. I don't think she wrote many bad books, if any. Of course I am avoiding the one that fans call her worst but that is neither here nor there. End House contains my favorite detective (besides Adrian Monk) Hercule Poirot. I just love the way he puts all the evidence together. I still remember reading Murder on the Orient Express on my flight home from London. It seemed so fitting.

Well turns out my knitting is not the only thing I am not monogamous with. I make up for it in the areas of my life that are really important I swear.

Happy knitting and reading.


  1. I'll vacation with you while the boys go ice hiking or something. My dream vacation is to laze about knitting and reading with occasional trips out for food.

    And if you haven't, check out the Elizabeth George novels with Lynley and Havers. I like them a lot and we have them all if you want to borrow.

  2. I just finished Tilt-A-Whirl by Chris Grabenstein. It's a fun little story along the lines of Janet Evanovich. Did you see One for the Money in the theater? I made hubby go on opening night :)

    1. I tried to read the book but just could not get into it. Plus I knew there was the two guys which one will she choose, but never does situation so I gave myself permission to give up and go read something I would like.