Thursday, December 22, 2011

I have an idea

Meet my Wisteria socks, they are from my pre-blogging days. You may have seen them in passing when I talked about all my socks and took a photo.  Yep I am pretty sure they're in that photo, top left about four pairs in. 

They were one of my first fancy sock pairs. I think I was the most proud of them because they just seemed to work. I liked the combination of the yarn, color and patterning.

They are also among the first of my pairs to thin out and get pulled from the rotation. I keep thinking I am going to duplicate stitch over the thin/weak spots and keep merrily wearing them.

I have only darned one sock and since it was not a favorite or well fitting sock it has not seen much of the rotation again. So I am not sure about darning or even duplicate stitching. And since I can not throw out one of my favorite socks, I have a plan. A plan that is half done and half successful.

I'll give you a hint.

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