Thursday, December 29, 2011

Plugging Away

Well let's see where did I leave you last?

Photo from about a year ago

Gus is still fighting his pancreatitis. He lost about a pound in one week and had his Mommy pretty darn scared. D and I figure that would be equivalent to 200 lb human losing 20 pounds in one week. Dr B said the most important thing we could do was convince him to eat. So over the Christmas break he was spoon fed every few hours. He was not eating a lot but I was dang happy to see him eat anything. This included a few 2 am feedings and at least one 4 am feeding. I was thrilled when he started eating a tablespoon at a time. Dr B also earned a few points back from Gus when he said he could have tuna and boiled chicken if he wanted it. He started off eating just bits of that too, but now we're up to whole chunks. 

I had to learn another new skill, I've been giving him subcutaneous fluids at home. It did not bode too well in the vet's office when I had to lie down while we were talking because I was feeling light headed. Sometimes the smallest things can throw me off.  While it is not something that I want to do all the time, it is not that difficult and it does seem to be helping his appetite. Tonight was not a stellar night because when he moved the needle came out and fluid went all over. Nothing says I'm finished like the turkey timer popping out. 

So while it is not a cake walk, we're managing. Poor Jack does not really understand why Gus is getting all the extra attention, but he is enjoying the extra tuna.

We had a lovely relaxed Christmas. We played a few games, opened some great gifts and enjoyed a nice dinner. I managed to get D's socks finished the day after Christmas but that's OK since they were never intended as  a Christmas gift.

Many thanks to Kisknit for pointing D to a local yarn shop for a couple of my Christmas gifts, sock yarn and a sock shaped stitch marker. D did not intend the yarn for himself but it is such a nice manly color that he may just be the eventual recipient. And the bonus is that it is new to me yarn, I've not worked with this brand yet, and it comes with reinforcing thread too, so I get to figure out how that works too.

Last night, we went to our last holiday party of the year. D had fun showing off his new socks to everybody and anybody that would look at them.  I enjoyed people oooing and aahing over my work. They had lots of questions and comments. I even heard the standard saying of knit one purl two (K1 P2). Why is that the comment most non-knitters make to knitters? The odd thing is I don't think I've ever used the stitch K1 P2. 2x2 ribbing of K2 P2, I've done a bunch of times but the classic knitters utterance, never. Does that mean I'm really not a knitter? Do my socks know? 

Work is still crazy but slowly getting better. I keep telling myself that it is like starting a new job but I keep my excellent pay and vacation time.

Well that is all that I can think of to talk about right now and I've got to turn a heel in a sock so I am off. Happy Knitting All!


  1. Poor Gus! I'm glad to hear he's eating now. Nothing worries me more when my Rascal is not eating with his usual gusto. I'm sure Jack will play up the sighs as long as he can!

    Just right that your hubby showed off your fantastic socks for him! He's a great guy in my book! Totally knitworthy!

  2. Thanks Adriene, those little guys get into our hearts. The big ones too, especially when showing off my knitwear.