Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Hubby!

A Christmas post for you! As you know I've been a bit distracted and running ragged lately. I know you understand the reasons but I'm sure I can be frustrating at times. This year I decided to take a page from your book and spend time with you rather than spending a lot of money on you. I hope you like our time together.

We already finished a couple of things I wanted to do for you to show you some Christmas love. We played Scrabble as I suggested, and I of course allowed you to win. See how much I love you? See how God made me a bad Scrabble person so you could have that pleasure most of the time? He is cool like that you know.

I spent an afternoon with you making your Mom's Monster Cookies. I even let you bow out early when I saw your exhaustion after your run. I am so proud that you became a runner, I can sacrifice a bit of your time to have you better rested.

Today I hope to spend a nice laid back fun day with you. Christmas means spending time with you. I wanted to give you some tangible gifts and also wanted to give you some intangible ones too. Intangible but symbolic, time spent with you enjoying each other, memories created together and learning new things together (who knew Monster Cookies have three kinds of sugar in them?) I may even finish those socks I've been working on too.

This Christmas is going to be just for us. I know it sounds a bit greedy but I love you and want to have some time with you.

Merry Christmas, now come help me make dinner, please.

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