Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sock family reunion

In an attempt to find my knitting mojo I held, today a knitted sock family reunion. I have for some time now wanted to get another picture of all the socks I have knit. The problem is with this is two fold. First, I wear my socks, so they are never all clean at the same time. Second I am to lazy to wash all the socks, let them air dry, gather them all into one location and troop them all outside to pose for pictures. Yes parents, I now feel your pain. No wonder all the old pictures of us kids were taken at Christmas time. We were too distracted to spoil their plans.

Today I freaked out my neighbors. If you saw your neighbor walk out of the house with this in their hands, wouldn't you look twice, then walk away faster?

I think I need a bigger basket next time. How about if they then arranged all these out on the grass and proceeded to take pictures? If you don't think twice about that, you must live in a knitter neighborhood or you're -10 on the nosy scale.

The moment I have been talking about. My knitted sock family picture. Two pairs are not washed, but I'm not telling which two. Thirty one pairs in about two years of knitting. Twenty nine for me and two for the hubby, none for anyone else. I think I might have sock construction down to the point that I might consider making them for other people now. But the socks are so pretty on my feet.

The funny thing is I say that my favorite color is deep forest green. You would think from the color choices shown here that it is red or a variation of red.

The red one at the bottom facing the wrong direction is waiting for his other half to be finished. "Knit faster I'm lonely."

Wow, does that mean that I will give anything a voice? Well, at least the socks did not have a conversation with each other while I was out there.

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  1. Maybe when the husbands go biking we should go to a coffee shop or something and knit. It could get our knitting mojo back.