Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Round One

It is that time of year again the the blog suffers for its pictures. I will have to talk my professional...something guy into taking a couple more since I have a new hat but I think the photos are doomed to be a weekend only activity again this winter.

So what does Round One have to do with anything? I am fighting myself again. Sometimes knitting will make us do strange things. I want to knit a sweater since it is turning cold here. The problem? I've been "knitting" a sweater since early this year. In this case "knitting" means it has had parts that have been done for a bit while the rest of the sweater is still yarn. I have not touched it in months. Bad knitter.

Remember what it looked like? Yeah me neither. Well that is not true since I've been walking around with a mental image of it since I started it. And I have been continually taunted by Kisknit's various progress posts, including one that roughly said "I can't wait for the weather to cool down so I can wear my new perfectly fitting, beautiful, gorgeous, awesome sweater."

OK she really did not say that but it sounded a lot like that through my guilt ridden ears. Self applied guilt is so much more stupid. Somewhere along the line I convinced myself it is hard to make a sweater in pieces. It may be harder for me since I am a project knitter that only sees the pieces not the finished sweater. I still even have the back blocked and put away in the closet so I can not mess it up.

Now that looks like it could be part of a sweater at least. The worst thing is once I finish it (yes that really is going to happen) I know I will love it and never want to take it off. If that is true why am I dreaming about this yarn?

It keeps telling me that I could have a new, no problems, no guilt sweater, in a month. It has read my blog, it knows I am capable. If only I wound it up and put aside the socks for a bit. If only.

But I am a good girl, I already pulled out the guilt, I mean green sweater and am planning my attack. I think instead of working on something I've been knitting on, I should just start a new area like one of the front sides. You know something fresh that I have not already dwelt on a few times.

So all you knitters out there give your yarn a bit of a pat for me to have some good luck, this sweater may just need a bit of it.


  1. Except I totally did say that. But not the perfectly fitting part. It mostly fits but there are things I'd fix like the gaping in the buttons if I did it next time. Maybe a zipper next time Plus, it's SUPER HOT. Temp wise, not looks wise. I wore it for the snow day we had in October and holy crap I was dying.

    That said, your sweater looks awesome so far. I think you're just not used to the pieces and prefer having the ability it on as you go. Sometimes we're not meant for a technique or set up, and that's okay. You could re-write the pattern to do it in the round. No one will judge you.

  2. Thanks Kisknit for the encouragement! You know I love your sweater.
    I really do want to do at least one sweater the pieces way. Then if I choose I will go back to in the round. I just don't think I've given this method a fair shake yet.

  3. Making a sweater in pieces is a long haul, and not my favourite way to do things, but I think that you will really love your sweater when you finish it! It's such a lovely shade of green that it deserves a chance in the sun. Maybe you could just promise yourself to work on it two days a week, and then it will slowly, but surely, get finished!