Friday, November 25, 2011

Turkey Trotting

Well folks I am officially a Turkey Trotter! If you don't know a turkey trot is a 5K race/walk held Thanksgiving morning here in the US. D did his third straight one this year although he sacrificed for me and chose to walk with me instead of running like in years past. Thanks D!!

It was a nice crisp November day and luckily the previous day's rain had moved out of the area so it was dry but coldish. As a knitter I chose my warmest layering creations and suited up, all mismatched and whatnot. 

D thinks I look like Rocky Balboa and I agree somewhat. Adriene!! Sorry Adriene it had to be done. Watch now that is probably not even how you say your name. Anyways back to the trotting.

We took a pre-walk picture while I was still smiling. D has on his Iowa hoodie and he got cheered on a few times. Go Iowa! I think we have some closet Iowa fans out in this neck of the woods. I know two years ago I wore my Iowa hoodie as a spectator and got free coffee at Starbucks. The barista (if it is a man do you still call him a barista?) told my friend and I that he loved us as we walked in the door. Then we had a pleasant time talking about home in the midwest. Nice thing to do on a day that we tend to miss our homes and family the most.

D walked around and got some shots of the festivities. He takes nice pictures.

We started off and I was working my hardest to walk slow enough to not cramp my legs, which I managed to do, mostly. At one point in time I realized we were dead last but I figured doing it was more important than going faster and hobbling. I was a bit frustrated with myself and was trying to talk myself out of the funk when we were passed by the race leader going the opposite direction.  This guy.

I don't know it that encouraged or discourage me but I kept on going, D at my side helping me along.

You may notice here how my technique differs from the race winner above.

I can tell you my knitwear was way more unique and plentiful than his. So ha ha I win that race.

This was the best sign of the day! Made me laugh and laugh and only partially because it was on the final home stretch.

I don't know if you can tell but I was picking up the pace here. See how my arms are pumping a bit more. OK fine you can not see, trust me I was warmed up and headed for home. See how I don't even pause for D.

Know why I don't pause? Because I know this sign is in the distance .

My first 5K and first active Turkey Trot. I can report that I feel good and sore today. D is laughing because I say Owww every time I stand up. But it is the good kind of Oww.

Oh and I have also picked up the green sweater to knit on again. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. YAY!!!! You are awesome. :)

  2. Thank you all. I think I can see more 5Ks in my future. I may not be a runner but I want to walk them, and who knows.