Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I may have fallen and I can not get up?

Since I am still feeling like I am getting nowhere fast in my knitting, it is time to do a WIP (Work In Progress) report. And since the weather is turning towards winter I will be showing you all recycled pictures.

This is my current purse and non purse project. I think it is because I am more than halfway done now and I really want a flashy new scarf to show off. Well that and it is garter stitch so it is mostly mindless knitting, which we all know is good for the brain occasionally.

My wine and chocolate socks are more than 75% done too. But they got bumped out of the purse by the scarf and are waiting patiently for me to come back. Poor socks.

I finally sucked it up and decided to just finish these up as socks and not worry about colors pooling. It is very liberating to make a decision sometimes. They are my go to couch knitting, if I sit down and forget to bring my purse over, I pick these up. They are around the 60% marker. A couple of good bursts and I will have new fall colored socks, just in time for winter.

I am proud to report the guilt, I mean green sweater got some love in the form of a cast on front side, that made it almost to the end of the ribbing of the bottom hem. I am sad to report that it has been tucked away since that time so that Gus does not drag all over the house. That cat loves my yarn. The only thing I can not figure out is why he keeps trying to deliver it to D. Do you think he is trying to rat me out to my own husband? Look Dad, Mom is playing with more yarn, do you know how much she has? It is a lot I can tell you that! Let me go get another one or two. I'm sure she will share.

Now I do blame Big G for my loss of motivation on D's socks. He carried it into his Dad in the middle of the night and Dad stepped on and broke two needles. Totally not his fault and luckily he did not embed any pieces in his feet.  Now I am waiting for some needles to arrive. Poor me.

This one got the holding needle ripped out of it to make a hat that has not even been photographed for the blog yet. Just make some button holes and knit the other side to finish it and I will have a new cowl. I don't even think there is three more hours work. I just need to sit down and do it. Arrgh!

Really? Another thing on the needles? When was the last time I knit on this? I even had to return the book to the library. Just make a heel and get on with the rest of the knitting! It is not rocket science. Which I am pretty sure consists of "what goes up must come down" theory.

Don't even get me started how far my knitting journal is behind. I don't think I ever finished my Rhinebeck entry. Well at least I am keeping better notes on Ravelry and here, well sort of.

I think I may need someone to give me a good talking to. What is that you say? Go knit on the scarf and finish something before I go crazy. Well if you insist.

Happy Knitting Y'all!


  1. There are times I get like that with quilts...projects started everywhere, but nothing finished. Times like that, I have to hide my rotary cutter such that I won't start cutting for another quilt. Maybe try "hiding" some knitting needles such that you have to finish a project because you need those needles to start the next project. ;-)

  2. I'm on month three with my current WIP. I CAN NOT WAIT until it's finished, so I can get onto something else. It's not so great being a monogamous knitter, either. :P