Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jack's Tale

I was awakened sometime between three and four this morning. You know how sometimes you awake gradually to a noise and you're not sure if it is real or something from your dreams? Today was one of those days. My noise was something between a squeak, a chirp and a click. You see where I am going with this don't you?

Well because I was still groggy I did not. I flipped on the light in the hallway and saw Jack. You remember my cat Jack don't you. Sweet lovable Jack.

Well this morning's Jack was not sweet, lovable Jack, at least not to the mouse he was holding in his mouth. To the mouse Jack looked a bit crazy, like a cat that would wear a hat. See what the mouse means?

No wait he looks Amish in that hat. The mouse saw him more in a predatory pose. Closer to this one.

Jack proceeded to take the mouse to the dining room and play with his food. He was performing acrobatic maneuvers that would put the Blue Angels to shame, catching the perkier and perkier mouse each time.

I told Jack he needed to kill the mouse and he disagreed with my moral code. Eventually he got bored, tired and laid down watching the mouse. He would pop up to catch it but you could tell his heart was no longer in the game.

D and I tried to catch the mouse but we are no cats, the mouse ran under a piece of furniture. (Dang you misplaced ottoman.) And it got away with one heck of a story to tell. I am hoping that the fear of Cat was sufficiently placed in him so that when he made it home he packed up and left Yarnkettle land.

I did learn an interesting fact about myself this morning. In spite of being a "Tough Farm Girl" I will squeal like a little girl when the mouse is running my way. The reaction was repeated enough times to remove any doubt from my husband's mind that it was a one time thing, I am officially a squeal when the mouse comes at you kind of person. Sigh.

So the mouse is still running around the house and Jack?  He slept like he was coming off an 18 hour shift.

Cat you better kill it next time or else...No Tuna!

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  1. I have to admit...I, too, am a "squeal at the mouse running at me" kind of girl. I kept telling myself "its just a little mouse", but no matter what...still squealed. :-)