Wednesday, April 27, 2011


As you all know I am primarily a sock knitter, or at least that is the way I think of myself and describe myself in knitting classes. I love crazy colored sock yarn and the simple solace of plain knit socks. Round and round that is the way that I roll.

So now I have a couple more pairs of crazy plain socks. These two are totally different color combinations but they look very similar to me. I love the first set just a bit more because they are made from an awesome yarn. Nice thick sturdy socks, excellent winter socks. Yes I am wearing them this season. I can not resist a new pair of socks. This may also explain why I don't knit sweaters in the spring/summer. New sweaters in July must still be worn. That makes for one hot knitter.

The yarn for these came from my Portland trip. Indigo Moon superwash fingering yarn in Northern Steppe color. While this did not make the local qualification of that trip I had a can't-find-it-locally clause that allowed for its purchase. Boy am I glad that I did.

These socks were made from Liberty Fibers fingering weight merino that I bought at a local fiber festival. I can not resist a yarn called Forest Walk. I thought that the colors were a bit bright while I was knitting them but they have since grown quite fond of all the colors. 

Oh yes my bulbs started to bloom. I guess spring is finally on its way. I am thinking of adding more bulbs since the squirrels and chipmunks ate many of the ones I put in a couple of years ago. Except the daffodils, which I found out the other day, are poisonous. And that is why the cute vermin allow them to keep on blooming.

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  1. My mom has a terrible time with squirrels in her garden. They quite often trade her newly sprouted flowers for peanuts! I think the only thing you can do is as you say: to keep planting!

    Pretty socks, as usual! It's still chilly enough for socks here, so looking at yours makes me think I should get a pair on to keep me warm this evening!