Saturday, April 9, 2011


I experienced another knitting first this week. I lost a needle while I was knitting in public (KIP). I always carry a project with me. Actually someone lost a bet because of me. My purse was smaller and someone bet another person that there could not be yarny goodness in there. The only time I am without project is when I have finished one and I forgot to put another one in my bag.

Where was I? Oh I was knitting at the eye doctor's and was called to choose my frames. I stuck my knitting down into my not so deep purse. We walked around and I chose my frames, thanked the lady, walked out to my car, drove over to another store and realized I had lost it. I gave a small search of my purse and car. No luck.

I thought I would talk to the staff when I went in to pick up my glasses. No such luck. I did find out that two people on the staff are knitters. I scanned the parking lot. Nope. I did an intensive search of both my car and purse. My knitting needle is gone...gone...gone. Since it was from one of my first sets of sock needles I am a little sad. But the knitting must go on.

And for my other needle story. I was eating lunch at work when a coworker came in and asked me a couple of questions about my knitting, then she looked at the bamboo chopsticks sitting next to my knitting and asked, "And what are those needles for?" It only took a couple of seconds for her to realize her mistake. I did tell her they were my eating needles.

Yep that is how my week went.

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