Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is it wrong?

Is it wrong that this is my favorite tea mug?

I got it as a joke for D. He kept it at work for a long time. Till he offered tea to a female coworker and told her she could choose between that mug and a plain one. 

Don't worry I am very secure in my femininity. I do so love that mug, but I don't know why.

Now is it wrong that my second favorite (and D's favorite) tea mug is this one?

That one he received from a coworker and has been his favorite since. This one stayed at work for a little bit but it was just so good he had to bring it home to show me. It does not hurt that both are bigger than the average tea mug.

If it is wrong I'm still going to use them because they make me laugh! Just thought you should know.

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