Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal wedding breakfast

I was up on Friday morning making tea sandwiches at 3:30. OK fine it was really 3:45. I do not have any pictures of the sandwich prep because I was concentrating on yawning and not cutting a finger off.

I used my grandmother's china since it has such a nice tea cup shape. I finally found an excuse to buy a plate rack, you know since I've wanted one from childhood. It is amazing how the smallest things make me happy. 

Our brown betty teapot cracked its lid for the last time so it has been retired to the tea shelf in the kitchen. Our ever so quirky kitty teapot has been pulling duty for a while now so it was promoted to fine china for the day.

My tower waits for the scones and cheese and apple toast. Can you believe that D questioned the Englishness and authenticity of cheese and apple toast?

Good thing he is so cute or I would have had to send him back to bed without eating.

One of my friends is disappointed that we did not dress up for breakfast. I figured smiling and not complaining was dressed up enough. Although I did wear my tea hat!

Bring on the wedding we are just waiting for the scones to come out. You'll notice our equally quirky moose, bear and buffalo tea cozy. I have yet to kit a cozy for the pot. Do you think it feels neglected in the winter when everyone is wearing a sweater but it?

Jack even enjoyed special post tea bonding with Daddy. Shh don't tell Gus, he decided to stay in bed since it did not smell like chicken or bacon.

As with all parties, nothing but the dishes to be washed were left.

So I learned that lemon curd is good, not something I would eat every day but a nice touch for the wedding. A slice of fuji apple on bread with cheddar cheese broiled into it makes excellent toast, and that D will like it when he tries it. It is fun to do a weird special thing occasionally. Oh and friends will come out of the wood work to comment when you post pictures of your Royal wedding tea party. Most were even supportive.

Pip pip!


  1. I love that plate rack. I didn't even know you can still buy them! I'm thinking... it would make a nice yarn display, eh? :)

  2. Adriene you are brilliant! I could have used that argument when I was deciding to buy it. I almost talked myself out of it because I really did not have a use for it after the wedding, with the exception of my twice yearly knit group hosting.