Sunday, April 17, 2011

Basket o' Yarn

My blog friend, Adriene, wrote this post about acquiring her new basket. As always I was charmed by her description of finding, buying and fixing it up. She can tell a story the way I like to hear it.

My basket does not have a story. I can not remember getting it and don't know how long I've had it. But the other day I did figure out what I can put in it. Yep, you guessed it, Yarn!

Since I am primarily a sock knitter, sock yarn is most of what I have. And not for nothing, I think it is my most colorful yarn.  It does make a lovely basket o' yarn.

After looking at the picture of my wool wall that I posted during blog week, I thought I should contain my yarn a bit better and found this basket I had been using to hold random (abandoned) knitting supplies. You know the needles that you buy when you're starting out before you know what your preferences will be, the ones that are on sale, the hmm I might need these knitting accessories. I had abandoned metal needles, way too sticky bamboo needles, left over sock yarn, stitch markers and yarn labels from some of my first yarns.

I cleaned it out and fluffed the old flannel nightgown that I used to line the basket originally. I was not as professional as Adriene, she tacked her flannel in with a glue gun and trimmed it up beautifully. Me? I'm more of a haphazard fold and tuck kind of girl. Let ends hang out where they may.

You know now looking at these pictures it looks like I as more concerned with photographing the yarn instead of the basket. Hmm, it is almost like I've spent the last couple of years photographing yarn for some reason. 

Anyways my yarn is now back on the wool wall but now artfully displayed in its basket. I don't think my basket rocks to the right but it does hang over the wall edges. Does this wall make my basket look big?


  1. Yay, yarn basket! I think it looks great in the basket. Don't be fooled by my own basket - there's plenty of oopsies that I artfully covered up with yarn. That green yarn on the left is looking familiar to me... I have a very similar-looking skein in my own basket! It's from a local dyer, so I don't imagine it's the same, but how cool that they're so similar!

    And... this is going to sound creepy... but that table looks a lot like my dining table too... whoa...

  2. Nope not creepy at all. I think tables are broken down into a couple of sub groups: light vs dark, round, oval vs rectangle or pedestal vs legs. We have light oval/rectangle type tables. Not weird at all.
    My green yarn is from a local dyer, Liberty Fibers, Kimono colorway. Where is your's from?

  3. Mine is from a local dyer called Yummy Yarn Studio, in Green Beans colourway.