Monday, April 25, 2011

Another Confession

I am a romantic, so therefore I love weddings. Guess which wedding I will be getting up early to watch on Friday?

Yep that royal one, you know Wills and Kate.

If you think it is foolish and silly, you might just want to stop reading and stay away for a week or two because I will soon be in a state of total romantic ooooze.

We, yes we Hubby loves me that much, will be getting up early and tuning in on Friday. It does not hurt that I have promised him tea and scones, and whatever British food delights I can find in the mean time. I'm pulling out the good china and getting a tea tower to hold the goodies. There may even be a table cloth and cloth napkins, you never know.

I have picked my tea. It was a battle, what do you choose? English Breakfast, Royal Wedding (I am so getting some of that), or (I already have this one) Tower  of London? While all of those are good I am going to stay with my first choice Queen Catherine.

I've even bought a hat, it is a bit more Southern Belle than Royal Fascinator, but hey a tea hat is a tea hat. You're lucky I did not think to get a tiara. Hmm maybe I still can. No you're right again I could not legally wear a tiara it would be cheating.

I'm sorting through my tea room recipe books. Is 5 am too early for roast beef tea sandwiches? I know I'm making cucumber and tomato tea sandwiches. What would you have? Full English breakfast is out, we had one while we were in England and it would not work if I want to watch the wedding, which I do.

What am I forgetting? Anybody know where I can get a Union Jack in upstate New York?


  1. I lived in the UK for six years, and I had my share of tea... still do!

    Traditionally, the most sumptuous part of tea is the fruitcake, but it can be difficult to get a nice one. The best I ever had was our wedding cake. :)

  2. Wow you had fruitcake for your wedding? Being a non-Brit I must say I don't get fruitcake as wedding cake. Of course what I am thinking of as fruitcake is probably like comparing a freezer burned veggie burger with a burger fresh off the grill at Five Guys.

    Now if we ever go back to England I will add try fruitcake to my list of things to try.

  3. Yes, good fruitcake is moist and delicious! It also helps if the maker has put a bit of brandy in it. ;) I highly recommend it!