Sunday, October 3, 2010

A bit of this and that

I turned another year older this weekend. I fought off what I call a functional migraine before my birthday hit. I call it a functional migraine because most of the time I can still function when I get one, but I am slower, quieter and wincing. I hate noise and light with one.

But on to the happy stuff. My birthday was lovely. Hubby arranged for dinner at Smokey Bones. I got to share some time with old friends and a new one. I got to eat ribs and pulled pork! Yes I will have the combo plate, it is my birthday you know. I had a nice beer too.

Wore my "I am cool" high heeled boots. Turns out those boots are not made for walking, I think they may have tried to kill me from the feet up. So now I am back to my "I'm not cool" flat shoes. My feet may forgive me yet.

We went for a walk also this weekend. Even with bum feet I seemed to keep up with D pretty well. I guess  my elliptical machine workout schedule is helping me. I do 15 minutes in the morning before work. I've been sticking to the schedule for over a month now. Go me!

I signed up for a class at one of the local yarn shops. I've knit hats before but they never seem to fit correctly. So this may be a big learning experience.

Oh and my washing machine decided to stop working mid load. Good thing we have a shop vacuum! If it is the motor as I suspect, do you think it will be cheaper to repair or replace the washer? Yeah I don't know either.

Good Times!


  1. I totally understand your passion for hand knit socks... I also have that passion,,,,LOL

  2. You were wearing heels on Friday night? Ugh, I so did not notice.

    Do you know the hand rule for making hats?

    Happy birthday!

  3. Gingir, a sock passion can not be bad. They are so much fun from start to finish.
    Kisknit, the heels were boots so not that noticeable. I know of a hand rule for making hats, but they always turnout ill fitting, and I really want to take a knitting class.