Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's that time of year again

Turning Colors
I finally stopped and took some pictures. I love this tree! I drive by it every day and each day it is a bit more colorful.

Change and Not Changing
 I like the range of colors in this one.  That Spruce really looks blue with the green and red next to it.
Jack and Gus had a trip to the vet. Jack tried to pretend it was not happening. He turns into a little demon when you touch him at the vet. He does not bite but he hisses and growls. Just make it go away!

Poor Jack

Poor Gus
 Gus has digestive issues so he has been to the vet more and just accepts it with his kingly grace. He talks his head off but does not seem to threaten everyone and their cousin, like Jack does.

The conclusion that they both have come to....the vet's office is evil! Sorry Dr Bart. I love our vet because he has never treated me like the crazy cat lady that I am. He just explains everything and answers all my weird questions. He even humored me and took a Xray when Gus was limping a couple of years ago. (I was right, something was wrong.) But he never made me feel stupid for choosing that option.

Colors starting to appear

Fall Sky Too
Saturday was lovely. Sun to make the trees show off their colors and bright blue sky! I enjoyed it by going to a fiber festival, but more on that another day.

I walked around the yard and found some beautiful leaves.


I do so love the fall in New York!

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