Saturday, October 30, 2010

How the Internet saved me today

OK that sounds way more dramatic than it is. I had a Halloween party to go to today, in costume with a Halloween themed food item.

Now I think of myself as crafty not artistic. I know that some of my crafty stuff leans towards artistic but I see the world through literal glasses. I don't really make stuff up on the fly. I can follow directions, patterns and recipes. I can even improvise within guidelines, but I don't really have the original light bulb, aha moment. Artistic is just not me.

So I started searching through costumes and food recipes. For the costume I wanted something easy, cleaver and inexpensive. Thanks to a great idea on Ravelry I decided to go with Nudist on Strike/Protest. Regular clothes with signs. I did remember and episode of "Kingdom" with nudists that had their beach threatened, they remained nude but wore joke aprons that showed fake semi nude bodies. So I had to add my own risky semi nude apron I received as a joke bachelorette gift. I thought up some slogans "It's not rude to be nude".

I found a recipe for stuffed shell "eyeballs". I liked the idea of having something that is not a cupcake. Now don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with cupcakes. I just wanted something savory instead of sweet. My dish won the food contest.

Thank you internet for planning my Halloween for me.

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