Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chugging right along

So a battle is raging within me, well raging might not be the right word, but I am mulling over something. I finished my STR "Puck's Mischief" socks on the way to Oregon in July. I used slightly larger needles than I usually do and loved the way the socks striped instead of pooled. OK the colors pooled on the foot but that is OK too. I wore them with pride in Oregon, their home state since they were dyed there. But even as I wore them I knew something was wrong. 

Do you see it with the left hand sock? They are just a tad too big. Now I can deal with that in the leg, it does not bother me there. But in the foot? I feel like I am walking in a woolly slip and slide. I tried to talk to myself and say it is not so bad but I am coming to the sad realization that I will need to rework the foot on both. It really does not matter color wise since they were already pooling. So that is one thing that gets moved from the finished pile back into rotation. But somewhere in my mind I am not too thrilled with the idea. It is almost like I think I have gotten all the fun out of this yarn already.

I am working along in my other knitting. I currently have three socks and a shawl on the needles. Oh and a sweater for D that is in time out due to a potential yarn shortage. I have concluded I will need more yarn to finish it. Now I just have to make a trip to the yarn store, poor me.

I am halfway done with the second sock of this pair for D. I bought this yarn at the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival (SAFF) in September and cast on before Rhinebeck so I would not feel guilty about buying more yarn. I think this will bump D up to a full week's (7) worth of hand knit socks. 

I'm working on the second sock of this pair for me too. It is funny because I think both socks are in the same area (heel flap). This yarn I picked up in Oregon at Twisted. I cast these on so I would not feel guilty buying more yarn at the SAFF. Do you see a pattern? I guess I don't want to feel that my yarn stash is growing out of control. If I am working on yarn from each acquisition, I'm not just buying to be buying I am using as I go.

I am past the heel on the first sock of this pair. It always takes me longer to knit a patterned sock than just a plain one that I don't have to pay attention to. I can watch a TV show and go merrily round and round on a plain sock. I like to keep a patterned one in the mix to make things interesting and justify buying books with sock patterns in them.

This shawl is finished but is too small for me so I am going to gift it to someone at Christmas time. I have started the same pattern in a slightly larger yarn for me. One issue I have is that the yarn is a plain grey color. This pattern is nice and basic so it shows off the colors well. I worry that it might come out looking too plain in just the grey color. I guess I will let the knitting group weigh in on that in a couple of weeks. 

So that is my knitting work load now. I knit like I read books many at a time. Not the exact same time but they are scattered through the house and one even stays at work for lunch time reading. I guess I like to keep my mind active. 

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