Saturday, June 12, 2010

Off Probation

So I sometimes write posts in my head, usually when I'm bored or doing a task that does not need my full attention (knitting on a plain sock). I think I have written this post in various stages several times now. Who knows how many times I am going to need to edit it.

So let me fill you in on my blogging experiences. I am what is commonly known as a lurker. I read blogs but I do not interact with the blogger by commenting or attempting to contact the person. I always thought "What can I add ?" Plus you know that whole antisocial thing plays in here too. I mean why would someone who has never met me care what I think of their posts.

Well, it turns out that is one way that you can tell people are reading your blog. Sometimes, some thing just strikes a chord within you and you feel the need to say "Hey I feel that way too." Or "My goodness I'm glad I was alone when I read that, because I fell out of my chair laughing, now I have a puncture wound from where I fell on my knitting needle and I need to come up with a story my husband will believe."

Started to expand my reading and found this blog: Adriene's Couch - Come and sit a while!
A place to relax, take off your shoes and pick up your needles and hooks. This is a place of comfort!

I was intrigued. Come and sit a while? Me? How kind. Then I read this post If its got cake in the name it must be good. What? I think I just found my yarn cake soulmate. She understands.

I love cake and when you combine that word with yarn it is still love for me. The weird thing was the timing of this post as I had just received a ball winder for my birthday. I was fighting the urge to continually wind up yarn into cakes over and over. I think I wound up or rewound 80% of the yarns that I own. Still I could not comment about that post, because I had commented on a post about a month prior and I did not want to look like a weird internet stalker.

How was it that Adriene could say so well what I was thinking? I had been composing a post about yarn cakes in my head but she was just so much more eloquent. She said what I wanted to say and more.

So I continued to read and laugh a her posts, then it happened one day she commented on my blog! Oh happy day!

This is the email I sent D:
Someone, who's blog I read, but don't know commented on my blog. I feel super cool right now.

This is what he wrote back to me:
You are now sufficiently cool that I deem your knitting probationary period has ended and permission to knit unsupervised is hereby granted.

You just got to love a man with that sense of humor! Although I have my doubts about a non-knitter being able to grant me that status. Don't you think it should come from another knitter? Or is that what he was saying another knitter granted me that status?

So we will see if this is up to her specs.

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