Sunday, June 13, 2010

New yarn

Over Memorial Day Weekend I was lucky enough to do a day out with the girls. Which of course you know means yarn store and lunch.

Over Christmas one of the local yarn stores went out of business. Saratoga Needle Arts no longer exists, but A Common Thread was created to fill the void. She bought the remaining stock and fixtures. She was even able to keep some of the employees. Which we all know in this economy can be quite a blessing.

My friend L and I had checked it out on opening day, in April I think. It was eerie to see the same shelves in a new location. While we were there I fell in love with two single skeins that I did not buy. I loved the colors but could not think of what to do with them. I bought other items I knew I could work with instead on that visit.

This time I could not say no a second time. They were still sitting there all alone but surrounded by other yarn. I always was a sucker for the little orphan lambs.

This one is a wool silk blend that feels very nice. The color is more of a deep forest green, it turned out a bit washed out my photo. My tentative plan is to make a hat out of it, either that or a neck warmer, or a set of hand warmers. So really I don't have a plan at all. If you all see a future for it let me know and I will ask the yarn if your plan sounds good.

This on the other hand is destined to be a set of anklets. I always see Shibui yarns advertised in magazines but have yet to run across it in the wild. I really wanted to try it so I decided this lovely blue will make short socks for me. I am holding off starting them as the two pairs of socks that I have on the needles now are both blue. If I cast on another one someone may start sneaking me happy pills in my food to get me out of the "blues". Yes, I am this funny in real life too!

Soon I will show you my latest projects. Happy knitting ya'll.

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