Friday, June 18, 2010

3 socks and a hat

I started a hat out of Woolease bulky yarn I bought when I first started knitting. Seems like bigger yarn and needles would be easier to work with when you're starting out. Keep in mind my hands are a lot like my feet, short and wide. Now small yarn and needles seem the most natural to me.

Gus was so happy to come out and tip-toe through the grass with me. As always with Gus what he thinks is his best side and what I think is his best side differ. He is always showing off his butt, and now you all get to take a gander at it too.

I frogged that hat shortly after. It had to be at least 2-3 inches to big. I'm planning to re-cast on but work has been busy so I stayed with D's simple socks.

He is even closer to a new pair than when that picture was taken. You know he is not as excited about new wool socks in the summer as much as he was in the winter, wonder why?

My first Celebrate Spring sock by Ann Budd is looking faboulus if I do say so my self. I am curious how this yarn will hold up. It is 50% Merino wool and 50% Tencel (a fiber made from wood pulp). It has a beautiful sheen to it that I am wondering if it will change.

I finished my Auburn Essentials socks. They are a cabling of my own devising. I like them but I think the space between the cables is too big so I will change it next time.

I finished these while we were back in SD for my nephew's graduation. I even wore them to the graduation. I gave all my new sock vibes to him. That does not make me weird does it? No wait I was weird to begin with that just makes me weirder.

So there ends my June Sockapaloosa. Let's say we meet back here and I will show you the others when they are done.

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