Thursday, June 24, 2010

Music Memories

I'm working on another post but it is not coming together right now. Anyone else hear Aerosmith singing Come Together Right Now Over Me? Are Over Me even the right words?

Ahh that brings to mind two fun facts about me. I thought Madonna's A Material Girl was actually 'I'm a Cheerio girl'. I used to sing it full force because I was too a Cheerio girl, at least in my mind I was.

Second fun fact is I had only one patch on my jeans jacket in junior high, the Aerosmith winged logo. Ahh those were the days. I always knew I was not cool but I think I cared even less then. I had dreams that I would have a teenage movie moment. You know the moment she takes off her glasses and puts on just a touch of makeup and bam she's the prom queen dating the quarterback. I did not even wear glasses then and now I think I look better with them.

I didn't even want to date the quarterback I just wanted to have one of those 'I'm beautiful' moments. Good thing D loves me for me.

Today I woke up in a funk. Time for a bad mood to control my day. I drove to work with the moon roof open, the windows down, and the radio blaring. It did not knock the funk out of me. Of course I did not have true ticked off tonic music on. That would have required ACDC, Def Leopard or Tom Petty. When we bought a new vehicle a while ago it came with satellite radio and they had a dedicated ACDC station. Guaranteed to get me in a better mood. Isn't it funny how some music can do that for us?

They say smells can bring back memories, but for me a song on the radio can slam me back to high school quicker than anything. Ice Ice Baby does it every time, whether I want it to or not. It does not help that I am married to a man that loves to prove that he still remembers all the words. Good thing I love him for him.


  1. hahah - I would LOVE to hear D sing "Ice Ice Baby". :-)

  2. Sarah ask and yea shall receive! I pointed out your comment and got to hear half of the song right now.