Monday, March 1, 2010

What the?

While I had my major success this weekend we also saw what the TV show called "the agony of defeat". In this case I should call it the agony of my feet.

I can tell I am no longer a new knitter, my socks are starting to wear out. Can you see the thin spot on the ball of my left foot too?

That was not my first pair to have a blow out.

My first noticeable wear was this pair (below), I caught it before it could blow out, but I've been thinking about how to save them with out killing them first.

Yep I'm still thinking about that one. See the thing is I could duplicate stitch over the worn areas, but I worry about two things. One: that the existing thread in the worn areas will break while I'm trying to repair it and two: in the time it would take me to do that I could be halfway through another sock.

What to do, what to do? I will tell you about how I discovered 2 of the 3 needed work. We have a tile floor in the bathroom and I noticed that it felt really cold. This is not a normal cold I feel because usually I am protected by my wooly goodness. Yep that was my first clue if I can feel how cold the floor is my sock is screaming for help. Happened with both the blue and the lilac colored socks. I thought for a minute that I had accidentally bleached the lilac pair till I figured out it was my white foot showing through the yarn, not pale yarn.

It certainly makes me feel less guilty for knitting even more socks. I was experiencing that little voice in my head that said "You have 30 pairs why do you need more socks?" Take that voice in my head, socks wear out. More more I must have more.

So what do you think do I try to darn them? That will be a different type of fabric, more of a woven surface. I do so like the blue pair, I think of them as my Colts socks and used to wear them when I wore my Colts sweatshirt.

I guess I will try to darn the orange ones first since they are my least favorite. I can make all the mistakes on them and move on to the others.

Can we have a moment of silence for the socks that have been removed from the rotation?

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  1. I've never darned a sock (heck, I've never even knitted a sock - yet!), but I like the look of a darned sock. I think you're right - practice with the one you like the least, and then you'll get the hang of it! I hear it's easier if you slip a lightbulb or a plastic Easter egg into it to make it easier. Good luck! And thanks for visiting my blog! :)