Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Obtaining Knowledge

I think I am a visual learner first and an auditory learner second. I'm pretty sure because most things I can 'get' by watching others. I usually understand illustrations. I offer proof by way of the fact that at one time my sister's furniture was 99% assembled by me. I was more than happy to do it.

When Hubby and I got married and eventually bought a house there were a few tense moments when he assumed he would put the furniture together. Don't worry we learned to compromise and we work wonderfully together, now. I get to read the directions! On a tangent that I can not explain I will admit to being a horrible navigator. I guess I can not think quick enough to account for automobile movement.

So when I started to knit I did not really have a mentor. (Excuse my anti-social behavior and what not.) I turned to the internet to see what was out there. I found a blog that I was inspired by - The Yarn Harlot. I found the KnittingHelp website and learned some things. I ravaged my library for knitting books. Knitting for Dummies taught me that I was purling wrong. I wrapped the yarn the wrong way. Luckily that was in my everyone gets a chenille scarf stage. All the evidence is hidden by tiny snippets of yarn.

I also had just purchased an Ipod, so I discovered podcasts too. I learned to seek out new yarns from some podcasts that are no longer active. (Knitty D and the City and Craftborg) I still miss them but have fallen in love all over again with a few others. My two favorites are Sticks and String and Stash and Burn. I think I could loop these two shows together and my knitting world would be pretty happy. I also enjoy the Knit Picks podcast but not quite on the same level. David from Sticks and String introduced me to Ravelry, a huge online knitting community.

My newest podcast love is Here's to Ewe! I find them amusing without being completely crazy about it.

So that is how I obtain much of my knitting knowledge. Well those things and all the books I buy. But my books are a topic for another day.

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