Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How about that?

Hey, I found out today I'm not the only one that knits at my hair salon. I spotted a hat in a car in the parking lot and was going to do a quick look round to see if it was a knitter or a recipient. Before I could get to it she was pointed out to me.

She was a knitter. Yes, we go to the same yarn store and no, I did not get to chat her up or her name. Dang! I did correctly identify her project as a cardigan. That should get me some bonus points right?

Apparently I am learning to be slightly less selfish. I bought yarn for a sweater before the knitting olympics mitten sprint, so I could not start the sweater. Turns out my startitis is a chronic condition that has acute flare ups. The most recent flare up caused a sweater to be cast on. Somehow in the time between buying the yarn and casting on, it went from being my sweater to Hubby's sweater. I did ask him if he liked the yarn and offered to knit for him not the other way around. He did not demand the yarn himself. This of course would bring our sweater count even. Goodness what ever will I do. Cast on another sweater right after that? Probably.

I really like the heathered blue and grey colors of this yarn. I even knit a swatch and hung it to dry in a way that is supposed to simulate the weight of the sweater once it is knit.

D did ask me what the heck this was once he saw it. I tried to explain but this might just be another one of my weird "knitter" things in his mind.

So what did this effort get me? Nothing - I measured the swatch before washing and after. According to the after measurements the width shrank by 1/8 inch and the length did not change. So where did the 1/8th inch go? Did the yarn just fluff?

Maybe next time instead of hanging a 50 g ball of yarn from the swatch I will just throw it on the bed and let one of the cats massage it into real life conditions. That may be a more accurate way to assess it.

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