Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting it done!!

I thought, I'd been talking about my knitting here but I went and looked back through posts and several projects are missing. Turns out I've been busy.

D has 3/4 of a pair of socks. Knit Picks stroll yarn in grass color way. I bought this yarn for another pattern but I offered a choice of yarns to D since he liked his other pair so much. See socks a few photos below. I decided to do the same pattern on both. 2 x 2 rib for 3 inches then a plain sock foot. D mentioned he liked his new socks and I like knitting plain socks so this is win-win for us.

There are things out there in the knitting world called sock clubs. You sign up and the supplier every so often sends you a yarn, pattern and little goodies. Since I found out about these clubs I've wanted to join one. I love getting woolly goodness through the mail. I thought I had talked about the two major reasons I've not signed up for something like this, but I can not find it so I will tell you again. I have a lot of sock yarn to begin with, all colors I've personally picked out and like, what happens if I don't like the color of the yarn they send? The goodies would be cool but by this point I've got the tools that I like to use and in theory would not really use others. Plus I am really cheap I like spending my money on things I know I will like, not things someone else picks out for me. That is really not meant to sound snooty just state that I am the best person to judge what I would like. So other knitters have already found the solution for me. Match patterns and yarn that you already have, package them up together to make your own sock club.

Introducing Yarnkettle's sock club winter season. I paired the Kroy socks yarn in Glencheck colorway with the Retro Rib pattern from Favorite Socks. I just finished the first sock on Saturday and like how it looks. I'm also very happy to find that my local craft stores are stocking the Kroy Socks yarn. I will be buying more of it. It is not the softest but after the sock blow outs I've had recently, I'm more interested in how the yarn will wear. This fabric feels like it can withstand some use, but only time will tell. I always slow down on patterned socks, I think that is why the project (get it done) knitter in me likes plain socks so much.

D's newest pair. We both like the way these came out. The patterning really pops. I still have to take pictures and tell you the story that goes along with this yarn. The story will be called Second Sock Yarn Frustration.

Since I'm showing things off here. This is an interchangeable circular needle set from Knit Picks. I had been waffling back and forth about buying it. I have other needles so I did not "need" these. D's Grandma gives us each checks for Christmas. This gives me a easy way to treat myself to something that would not have made it on to my wish list. Did I mention that I am also cheap for other people too? I waffled till the last day of the sale. I am so happy with the needles, makes knitting so much easier for me. I foresee many a sweater coming off these needles.

My Purple Poems socks took me a long time to finish since I hated working with the yarn. Such a cool gradual color change. But this yarn loves to split so I could not work on it very fast. Took me a month or two to get up the courage to start the second sock. I hate unfinished business like unfinished pairs of socks. Very rarely do I face second sock syndrome. I'm such a product knitter.

We had a photo shoot at the Yarnkettle house today. D had to play photographer since I wanted pictures of the Selbu mittens. I've decided to save pictures of them for another day and give them lead off in a post.

This is the hat my sister requested at Christmas time. Well sort of. This is the before picture to let you know how big it is. Yep, that is me in there. It covers the whole entire head.

This is after felting. Don't I look sort of like a 20's flapper girl? As with many cold weather items I knit this is done just in time for spring! Well maybe she will enjoy it next year.

This pattern left out at least 2 very important details. The first one being that you join the knitting in the beginning and knit in the round. Something I figured out myself and confirmed opinions with the knitting group. Second no where in the directions did it tell me to double strand the yarn. That means to hold two strands of yarn together while you knit to achieve a bulkier fabric. Especially when you felt the project after knitting.

I could have used the yarn she originally picked out in SD. Complete directions are a very nice thing to have. So would you contact the company to tell them? It was a free pattern on the band of the yarn. Is it worth it, would they even change it if they knew? I just don't want to be a big old whiner either.

Here is what it looks like from the top, sort of. I'm still working on how to photograph things so they show to their best.

Anyways I like the hat and will probably make one for myself too. After I do one for my Mom. I wonder if all our heads are the same sizes?

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