Sunday, February 28, 2010

I got Gold!

My Selbu mittens are finished, washed, blocked and now drying.

The backs, that the public will see most of the time. I think that is called a Norwegian Flower.

The palm side with the Norwegian flower on the thumb.

I'm looking forward to making more of this style of mitten. I received a few books at Christmas so I should be able to mix it up a bit. D keeps laughing about the fact that they are so pointy. "Just like Cowboy boots." They fit well and seem very thick and warm. Now I will just have to test them out on a walk around the neighborhood. When they're dry of course. I'm not sure they will be dry by Monday with all that yarn in them.

As thrilled with them as I am. I'm already looking forward to starting other projects. It is such a relief to have a successful project. It is a great high going into your next one with great feelings.

Oh did you hear that? My sweater swatch just called to me to measure it so I can cast on for a new sweater. Yes dear I'm coming, just let me get the tape measure.

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